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beatenandbloody's Journal

Just a day in the life...
17 June 1986
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Watered down dreams of distant lovers and exotic
places make me feel like I have no soul. I cry
knowing I can’t change what I feel; I can’t make
people love me. Running in slow motion, go
faster. Get away from everything that kills you,
destroys you. The world is going to destroy me.
Meadows in summer time, lights shinning through
blue leaves. Wondering why my silence makes me
hurt. Someday we will all be all right. I bow to
the graces of eternal happiness. Sometimes I
have to let out a big sigh just to be ok. Just
to feel sane. It’s in my stomach, deep down.
Farther than I ever wanted it to go.

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Marilyn Monroe is 1950's love!

my pet!

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